Star Wars Eclipse

New details concerning Star Wars Eclipse have emerged. They were allegedly leaked intentionally to gauge community interest in the project and to drum up development talent for French studio, Quantic Dream, which was recently acquired by Chinese mega-corp NetEase. That's according to a new report from Sacred Symbols host Colin Moriarty, who revealed details of the project, which were then independently verified by Insider Gaming.

In the latest episode of Sacred Symbols (which is behind a Patreon paywall but was transcribed by VGC), Moriarty reveals details of the still very early-in-development title, describing documents that were provided to them by unnamed sources. According to Moriarty, Eclipse is "not even really in production yet," and likely won't be released until 2026 or later.

In a fascinating twist, Insider Gaming reports that these were intentional and part of a "controlled leak" meant to gauge community interest and to help with recruitment efforts for the studio, which faced allegations of fostering a toxic working culture from various French publications in 2018.

Internally, Eclipse is known by the codename Project S, and will supposedly centre around a character named Sarah, a member of a human-like race never before seen in the Star Wars universe.

This race, called the Zaraan, heads a militaristic empire that, according to Moriarty, "prides itself on political and military aggression and similar to what you find elsewhere in Star Wars there’s little differentiation between males and females when it comes to roles and responsibilities. But there’s an interesting wrinkle when Zaraan marry, their nuptials carry interesting military implications as they become one governing unit that works together.”

Sara is apparently a fanatical true believer in this cause, while her partner, Xendo, is of a more gentle disposition. Part of the game's story will focus on the conflict this causes between the two characters. Eclipse is set during the High Republic era, also known as the golden age of the Jedi, so expect everything to be much shinier, even more so than in the prequel trilogy of movies.

What do you think of this whole situation? Are you intrigued by the details of Star Wars Eclipse's premise, scant as they are? Let us know in the comments section below.

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