Sony’s PSVR exclusive Marvel’s Iron Man VR is releasing on rival headset Meta Quest 2, with PlayStation’s blessing. The game, developed by Camouflaj, will be published by Oculus Studios on the new system – although SIE is still listed among all the copyright notices. To be fair, when you consider the licenses involved here, it’s natural for it to end up elsewhere – and Sony has reiterated multiple times that it sees Facebook more as a contemporary in the virtual reality space, rather than an out-and-out competitor.

The game will deploy on 3rd November, 2022, so you haven’t got long to wait if you’re a Meta Quest 2 owner and haven’t experienced this title on PSVR yet. We enjoyed the superhero outing a lot when it launched amid the pandemic in 2020, awarding it an impressive 8/10: “Marvel’s Iron Man VR delivers on the mission to make you feel like the armoured avenger,” we beamed.

Of note, Meta has also acquired the title’s developer, Camouflaj, so perhaps don’t expect much output from the team on PSVR2. Earlier in the year, it said it’s “all-in” on virtual reality, and it’ll need to be as part of Mark Zuckerberg’s empire. We had hoped that its efforts in the space would lead to more projects with PlayStation, but clearly it’s decided to fly in a different direction.

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