Guns Undarkness PlayStation

Shoji Meguro, the composer perhaps best known for his incredible work on the Persona franchise, is making a game of his own. It's called Guns Undarkness, it's being funded via Kickstarter, and has exceeded the stretch goal required to lock in a console release. No word on precisely where or when, but Meguro himself celebrated the feat in classic fashion by composing a track for the game in real-time during the final hours of the campaign.

Meguro will serve as creative director on the project but will contribute music to the game as well. You can already hear some of it, and it's sure to appeal to Persona 5 fans in particular. Precisely 2000 backers pledged over $129,000 to the campaign, which was almost five times the game's initial asking price.

In addition to the console version, other stretch goals that were reached include improved character models, motion capture, and even a cinematic music video. The gameplay in Guns Undarkness resembles a pretty bizarre mix between Persona and Metal Gear Solid, of all things, and is one we will be keeping an eye on.

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