Guns Undarkness PlayStation

Shoji Meguro, the legendary composer responsible for getting many of the Persona franchise's best bops stuck in your ear for weeks at a time, is launching a Kickstarter for his first solo project. Meguro served as creative director for the Persona games on PSP, so it's not entirely out of the blue. The game is called Guns Undarkness, a strategy JRPG with stealth elements, and it has stretch goals for a PlayStation release.

Set in a world devastated by nuclear war, you play as a member of a PMC (Private Military Company) fighting for a better future. Inspirations cited for the game include Metal Gear Solid and Persona, and Guns Undarkness will feature a Social Links-esque relationship system that will boost the main character's abilities as they become closer to their teammates.

Gameplay will see players leading a squad of four into tactical, turn-based combat, where positioning and cover will allow them to defeat overwhelming odds. We got some work-in-progress screenshots, to get a better idea of the aesthetic the game is going for:

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