Game Pass PlayStation
Image: Push Square

We all know that Microsoft's Game Pass subscription service tends to be great value, blah blah blah, but Sony does not want it on PlayStation. This truly shocking revelation has been hammered home through a statement that Microsoft made to UK competition regulator CMA, in which the tech juggernaut says Sony "has chosen to block" Game Pass on its platforms. This is all in service of trying to convince regulators that Microsoft's $70 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard is a good thing for the industry.

In this case, the Team in Green's argument essentially boils down to saying that Sony doesn't need Game Pass because it's already the market leader through PS Plus. It surmises that adding hit properties like Call of Duty to Game Pass wouldn't tip the scales in its favour. Indeed, Microsoft's entire strategy seems to hinge on portraying itself as the underdog — despite the fact it's trying to close what is by far the the most expensive buyout in video game history.

Anyway, the company goes on to big up Game Pass and the benefits that it offers to gamers, while also having a pop at PS Plus. "This increased [Game Pass] competition has not been welcomed by the market leader Sony, which has elected to protect its revenues from sales of newly released games, rather than offer gamers the choice of accessing them via its subscription, PlayStation Plus," the statement concludes.

What do you make of all this bickering between Sony and Microsoft? We're obviously talking about big business here, but do you actually agree with the arguments that are being pushed by either side? Feel free to let out a sigh in the comments section below.