Saints Row Update

It only launched a couple of months ago, but it feels like Saints Row has struggled to have much of an impact on the gaming sphere. That's probably down to rather mixed reviews and somewhat stunted word of mouth, but at least developer Volition is committed to improving the sandbox title.

In a new blog post, the studio outlines its plans for Saints Row going forward. The title's first major update will launch in November, and it'll feature "over 200 bug fixes and stability upgrades". Indeed, before Volition actually starts adding new stuff to the game, it says that it wants to make sure everything's running as smoothly as possible. A fair plan, given that the release can be a bit on the buggy side.

But fixes aren't the only things included in the November patch, however. The post continues: "This November update will mark the beginning of a series of quality of life changes and new features for the core game. This update will include many requested improvements including reducing repetition in some activities, making challenges more rewarding, improving vehicle management, a revamp of rumble and haptic features, and more."

The post concludes by stating that 2023 will be "a hugely exciting year for Saints Row owners" promising DLC, new content, and more free updates.

Are you still playing Saints Row? Or maybe you'll jump in once these patches start dropping? Start up your own gang in the comments section below.