Auto Modellista wasn’t a great PS2 racing game, but the Capcom outing has gone down in history for its eye-catching cel-shaded artstyle. Many were hoping that Need for Speed Unbound, rumoured to adopt an “anime style” prior to its reveal, would be that title – but it’s opting for realistic car models with graffiti details.

You may be looking for something like this livery in Gran Turismo 7 instead, then. For those of you who don’t know, it’s possible to completely customise all of the simulator’s cars, creating your own custom artwork and designs. But in this instance, the artist has managed to come up with a look that alters the overall shading – it’s amazing:

Obviously, this doesn’t change the graphics of the rest of the game, and it’s limited to the Mitsubishi Lancer it’s been applied to – but it’s still an impressive achievement, isn’t it? Brilliantly, the same designer has even been cooking up other retro-inspired designs, like this Nissan influenced by the original Ridge Racer cover art:

How can you not love it?

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