Need for Speed

EA appears to be leaving the announcement of this year's Need for Speed title incredibly late as a new report from Tom Henderson at Insider Gaming says the next entry will release on 2nd December 2022. An official reveal will reportedly take place "within the next two weeks", and the game will be called Need for Speed Unbound.

Featuring rapper A$AP Rocky on the soundtrack, Henderson even leaks the length of the announcement trailer: two to three minutes, apparently. It's also reported "Need for Speed Unbound will feature unique maps that are completely unique to the Need for Speed franchise". Well, yeah. You'd hope so, wouldn't you? This is a new game after all.

Previous rumours have pegged the next Need for Speed game as one that focuses heavily on multiplayer and will have some "anime elements", like flames shooting out of your car as you drift. It's also apparently skipping PS4 for a current-gen only release. If the report proves to be true, then Need for Speed Unbound is just around the corner.

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