R-Type Tactics PSP PlayStation Portable 1

Update: NIS America will bring R-Type Final 3 Evolved and R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos to the West. The former, available on PS5, will include “seven exclusive stages made by Kazuma Kujo”, a performance-based difficulty system, and visuals rebuilt in Unreal Engine 5. A special edition – available for $69.99 from the NIS America Online Store – can be pre-ordered now, ahead of a Spring 2023 release.

Meanwhile, R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos is a remastered compilation of two classic PSP strategy games for PS5 and PS4 – the second of which is making its Western debut. It’s due out in Summer 2023, and like R-Type Final 3 Evolved is being rebuilt in Unreal Engine 5.

Original Story: It’s a big day for legendary shmup series R-Type in the latest issue of Japanese gaming bible Famitsu. Granzella, the company made up of ex-Irem employees, has announced that a compilation of PSP’s classic strategy titles R-Type Tactics will launch on PS5 and PS4. The remastered collection, irritatingly named R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos, will deploy in 2023 in Japan, and will include fresh post-campaign content, online gameplay, and retuned encounters.

It’ll be flanked by R-Type Final 3 Evolved on PS5, an enhanced version of R-Type Final 2 featuring improved visuals, over 100 playable aircrafts, seven exclusive stages, PSVR2 support for take-off sequences, interactive online multiplayer lobbies, and a suite of minigames. That’ll launch in March 2023 in Japan, but there are no western release dates for either title.

Either way, that’s a lot of R-Type! It’s worth noting that R-Type Tactics 2: Operation Bitter Chocolate – yes, that’s really its name – never actually launched in Western territories on the PSP, so assuming the bundle makes the transition overseas, it’ll mark its first release outside of its native Japan.

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