DualSense Edge Price Reaction

The DualSense Edge got a release date earlier this week, but real headline was its price tag. Realistically, we were expecting the 'pro' PS5 pad to sell for around £150 or so — that's pretty much the standard cost of comparable controllers — but it's actually going to be even more expensive. It's been pegged at $199.99 / €239.99 / £209.99 — and that ain't cheap.

Naturally, we published a poll on the subject, asking our community if they plan on buying a DualSense Edge, now that we know how much it's going to cost. The results of this poll were not exactly pretty.

Close to 4000 votes were cast, and a near-majority (46 per cent) said that they weren't at all interested in the controller. A further 19 per cent of users said they "probably" wouldn't be buying one, and then 23 per cent said they might, but only if they can find it at a cheaper price. That latter option seems logical to us.

Okay, so what about the people who said they'd snap a DualSense Edge up? Well, a mere 5 per cent of users said they'd be getting it day one, followed by another 5 per cent saying they'd "probably" make a purchase. The last 3 per cent went right down the middle, and said they were undecided.

DualSense Edge Poll Results
Image: Push Square

Based on the poll, it's abundantly clear that most people probably won't be buying a DualSense Edge — at least not at launch, with that price tag attached. But then, we need to remember this controller is meant to be a premium product. It's priced the way it is because Sony expects to sell it to only the most hardcore PS5 players — the kind of market that almost all 'pro' controllers end up targeting.

Did the price tag put you off completely? Or were you uninterested to begin with? Push a few extra buttons in the comment section below.

[source News: Poll: Will You Buy the DualSense Edge PS5 Controller, Now We Have a Price?]