DualSense Edge Price Poll
Image: Push Square

Back in August, just after Sony officially announced the DualSense Edge, we held a poll here on the site, asking you lot how much you'd actually pay for the upcoming 'pro' PS5 controller. Almost 3000 of you cast a vote, and broadly speaking, the results showed that most people wouldn't be willing to spend all that much on Sony's premium peripheral.

Here's the proof:

DualSense Poll Results
Image: Push Square

We've got bad news, then, because the DualSense Edge ain't gonna be cheap! The pricing was revealed alongside a release date earlier today, and it's marked at $199.99 / €239.99 / £209.99. Ouch, that's actually quite a bit more than we thought it would be.

That price tag means it's noticeably more expensive than comparable controllers like the Xbox Elite Series 2, and other third party offerings. Sony is once again positioning its products as the premium option.

So then, we have to ask: will you be buying the DualSense Edge, now that we have a price and a release date? Vote in our polls, and then start counting those pennies in the comments section below.

Will you be buying the DualSense Edge?