PS Store PlayStation Stars Web Store 1
Image: Push Square

Sony’s new loyalty scheme PS Stars, which is still in its early stages, is beginning to proliferate outside of the PS App. While the integration is extremely limited, just showing your current Level and Points, if you click your avatar on the browser-based PS Store, you’ll see all of your latest PS Stars information presented.

Interestingly, there are also toggles for the loyalty scheme within the PS5’s privacy settings section. You can choose to hide your current Level to other users, and also your Digital Collectibles. Obviously, neither of these features are actually presented on the new-gen console just yet, so it seems like Sony is laying the foundations for their addition soon.

Remember, if you’re just getting started with the loyalty scheme, you can consult our PS Stars guide for all of the latest information on the kind of rewards available and how to complete the current Campaigns.