Something you may not be aware of is that PS Plus subscribers in Spain – across all tiers – tend to get the odd bonus game from time-to-time. These titles are typically part of the PS Talents program, which helps local developers get their software published on the PS Store. And this time it’s no different: Way Down – which will be free until 6th December, 2022 in Spain specifically – is a release about infiltrating the Bank of Spain.

As we understand it, this title is loosely linked to a similarly themed Spanish movie, which launched in theatres late last year. To be honest, the Metacritic reviews for this one – and there are only two at the time of typing – aren’t exactly stellar, so you’re not missing too much if you can’t claim it. However, if you happen to be Spanish, you may as well add it to your Game Collection – it costs nothing to do so, after all.

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