Marvel's Wolverine PS5 PlayStation

In a surprise twist, Sony's competitor and Xbox overlord, Microsoft, seems to think that Marvel's Wolverine, a PlayStation first-party exclusive currently in development at Insomniac Games, will release in 2023. That's according to a regulatory filing published by Microsoft, resulting from the ongoing war of words regarding the whole Call of Duty exclusivity thing.

First spotted by Tech4Gamers, the filing is, as you might imagine, quite dry, but there are a few lines which might just quicken your heart rate, reading "PlayStation also has a spate of first- and third-party exclusive titles lined up for launch in 2023, including Spider-Man 2, Wolverine, Horizon, Final Fantasy XVI, and Forspoken."

Now, right off the bat, it's worth noting that Microsoft might simply be mistaken. After all, we were under the impression that Wolverine was still years away, despite Insomniac staffers already showing off some awesome swag. It is also not out of the realm of possibility, though, that Microsoft has some kind of inside information we are not privy to. Only time will tell, sadly, but we will be sure to update you as soon as we learn more.

When do you think we will see Marvel's Wolverine? Is Microsoft simply mistaken, or was this information obtained during some kind of outrageous Sam Fisher-esque infiltration of Insomniac HQ? Speculate wildly in the comments section below.

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