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Image: dex3108 / ResetEra

Sony wants you to login to PSN while you play its PC games, and as part of a new update to Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, it’s laying the groundwork. While this was discovered in the port’s source code previously, the title’s latest patch actually adds the functionality – even though it’s not quite working as intended just yet.

“Link your Steam account to PSN for access to early unlocks and additional skill points in Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered and other gifts in other PS Studios games while you’re linked,” the text within the game’s main menu explains.

With more and more PlayStation exclusives coming to PC, this all makes sense: in fact, it’s potentially possible the platform holder could add features like cross-save and even Trophies to its ports later down the line.

Earlier in the week, PS Studios bigwig Hermen Hulst said that most PlayStation exclusives will take at least a year to come to PC – although when it comes to live service titles, the releases could launch day-and-date with the PS5.

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