PSN PC PlayStation 1

As it currently stands, Sony’s expanding list of PC games are not integrated with the PlayStation Network. However, with the platform holder planning a bevy of live service games – many of which will likely end up on PC – it stands to reason that the organisation will, eventually, allow you to login to your PSN account with any releases it ports.

This could, potentially, result in a slew of benefits: cross-save cloud saves between PS5 and PC, for example, as well as even Trophy support. Now, references uncovered in Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered’s source code on PC suggests connectivity could be coming. Snoops noticed multiple references to identifiers like ‘PSNAccountLinked’ and ‘PSNLinkingEntitlements’.

Perhaps most interesting of all, a lot of these codes are connected to other identifiers that appear to imply fans would have been rewarded with in-game goodies – in this case, additional skill points – for linking their accounts. It’s worth adding that none of this functionality is currently available in the final product, but it was clearly being worked on at one point.

Ultimately, Sony will want PC players to be logged into PSN, because it provides a marketing opportunity for the platform holder if it has their email address and information. We imagine this is something that will get integrated into all of the platform holder’s ports eventually – it just seems to have come too soon for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered.