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The deliciously dark Lies of P is looking to fill that Bloodborne-shaped hole that exists in our hearts with its grimdark gothic aesthetic and a gory arsenal of steampunk-inspired weaponry. It has been revealed that the Pinnochio-inspired tale will be pretty substantial as well, with director Choi Ji-Won announcing that an average playthrough will last players around 30 hours in total, with 60 needed to do and see everything.

In a new interview with Prankster101 Productions, Ji-Won discusses many aspects of the Lies of P, noting on the subject of game length that, "If you basically go through the game, it will take around 30 hours. But if you thoroughly check all the contents hidden in the game, then it will be around 60 hours."

Ji-Won gently pushes back on the Bloodborne comparisons, which we are ourselves guilty of making, especially regarding the game's setting, insisting that The Lies of P is "not Victorian at all, which is very well used for the Soulslike genre. This is a completely different background, which is the Belle Epoque era in the 19th century in France, Paris." Queue the Steelrising comparisons, then. He goes on to note that, actually, the FromSofware title that inspired him most was "Elden Ring… I studied and learned a lot from Elden Ring."

Ji-Won details that the development team at NEOWIZ consists of 100 people and that the IP has the potential to become a franchise in its own right. So much effort has been put into getting the word out on Lies of P that "we don’t want to waste it on just one game. We are planning an expanded pack or DLC. Also, there are so many attractive stories and characters behind and around Pinocchio, so we’re, of course, thinking about a series game after this one."

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