Lies of P is a twisted take on the classic Pinnochio fable and a delightfully dark Soulslike in its own right. Its fast, fluid combat system will certainly appeal to the Bloodborne fan that dwells within us all, and today we were treated to an impressive 40 minutes of gameplay, dubbed the Director's Cut.

If you are curious but want to go into the Lies of P unspoiled, just know that the gameplay here is shaking up to be excellent, and quite frankly we wish Steelrising had a little bit more of this energy. We see a surprising amount of enemy variety, and even get a taste of the game's progression and weapon customisation systems.

While we don't yet have a firm release date for The Lies of P (just that it's coming to PS5 in 2023), there is no doubt this one will earn a place on many player's GOTY lists, if the finished product lives up to the potential on display here.

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