Image: Damien McFerran / Push Square

Popular modder Lance McDonald has today uploaded footage of what he claims to be a jailbroken PS5 running custom code in order to install the now delisted PT. This is being done through an exploit in the User's Guide, found in the PS5's settings menu. A list of debug settings is then accessible, with PT available through a package download.

Jailbreaking refers to when someone removes software restrictions imposed by the manufacturer intentionally. One big point here is the exploit doesn't work on a PS5's current system software β€” you need version 4.03 or before, which Sony passed at the end of last year β€” and it only actually triggers roughly 30 per cent of the time. Furthermore, you only gain "read/write access"; you can't actually play the PT demo on a PS5 by using this exploit.

Not many PS5 consoles will be even able to access the exploit simply because you need system software 10 months out of date, but it will still spell some concern for Sony.

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