Sucker Punch 25 Years 1
Image: Push Square

Sucker Punch – the Seattle-based creator of juggernaut PlayStation franchises like Sly Cooper, inFAMOUS, and Ghost of Tsushima – turns 25-years-old today. The PS Studios subsidiary, based in Bellevue, was founded in 1997 – and actually got its start in game development on the Nintendo 64, rather than the PS1.

The studio’s very first game, Rocket: Robot on Wheels, was published by Ubisoft and released in 1999. It was later signed by Sony to create PS2 platformer Sly Cooper and Thievius Raccoonus, which spawned several sequels. During the transition to the PS3, the developer reinvented itself with the open world superhero series inFAMOUS, and was later officially acquired by the Japanese giant.

It’s most recent game, Ghost of Tsushima, is its biggest hit by far – and was so successful that directors Jason Connell and Nate Fox were named tourism ambassadors for the Japanese island it’s inspired by. Many expect the studio’s next game to be a sequel to Jin Sakai’s inaugural outing, with a movie adaptation also in development under the PS Productions umbrella.

Clearly, whatever it does next, the future is bright for the team, as it’s become one of Sony’s biggest and best studios since its acquisition a little over a decade ago. Congratulations to 25 years, Sucker Punch, and here’s to the next quarter-century of great characters, games, and worlds to explore.