Ghost of Tsushima PS4

The real-life island of Tsushima will be honouring the work of Sucker Punch Productions by making both the game director and creative director of Ghost of Tsushima permanent tourism ambassadors. Tsushima mayor Hiroki Hitakatsu said this is being done because the pair have "spread the name and history of Tsushima to the whole world in such a wonderful way", making them the first ambassadors to be awarded for sharing the name and history of the island through their works. Sony will now collaborate with Tsushima island to set up a new tourism campaign, designed to teach fans about the place and its historic landmarks.

In a statement, Hitakatsu said: "Even a lot of Japanese people do not know the history of the Gen-ko period. When it comes to the world, the name and location of Tsushima is literally unknown, so I cannot thank them enough for telling our story with such phenomenal graphics and profound stories." Nate Fox (game director) and Jason Connell (creative director) will receive an award and letter of appreciation to mark their efforts.

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The mayor then goes on to explain that he didn't appoint them as ambassadors to ensure any sort of collaboration in the future — this is all about Ghost of Tsushima. "I did not appoint them for the purpose of having them do anything in the future. Thanks to the two of them, Sucker Punch Productions, and SIE, I have heard from people all over the world who have learned about Tsushima through their works, and now want to see, know, and go to Tsushima." One example of this would be the fanbase's pledge to help restore a damaged Torii Gate on the island, which went on to surpass its funding goal by more than 500 per cent.

That campaign finished this past Sunday after more than 2,000 contributions. Yuichi Hirayama, one of Tsushima Watatsumi Shrine's priests, said: "We have received a great deal of support from the players of the Ghost of Tsushima game set in Tsushima, and I feel that it is God’s guidance. I am very grateful for the support of so many people during a cramped life due to the coronavirus and the challenging economic situation."