Fallout TV
Image: Amazon Prime Video

Amazon has thrown the curtains back on its upcoming Fallout TV series whilst simultaneously celebrating the franchise's 25th birthday with... a single image. That's it. But what an evocative image it is!

Shocking absolutely no one, the series looks to concern itself with a Vault, one of the eponymous structures built to withstand the nuclear fire that would engulf the world. And, as is so often the case in this universe, it provides the opportunity for the cartoonishly criminal company Vault-Tec to run some creepy, psychosocial experiments in the process.

We know virtually nothing about Vault 33, or the show's direction, for that matter. Due to leaked set images, we know that a Vault 32 will also be involved in the narrative, and that's about it. The picture above appears to show the iconic unsealing of the Vault, which we, as players, have experienced in several games now. On closer inspection, you will notice a body lying by the door, so it's likely our protagonists, whoever they are, had to fight their way to freedom.

In related news, we learned that Fallout 4 is getting a PS5 patch, although there remains some confusion about its exact nature.

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