Fallout 4 PS5

Update: A quick update on this one: Fallout 4 might not be getting a native PS5 version after all. The way it's now worded on Bethesda's blog, it seems as though this could just be a PS5 update which will be added to the PS4 version of the game. Still, it'll be a free update for anyone who already owns the game.

Original Story: Fallout 4 is coming to PS5, Bethesda has rather casually confirmed in a new blog post celebrating the series' 25th anniversary. The current-gen version will include a high frame rate performance mode (the game was capped at 30 frames-per-second on PS4), a 4K quality mode, new bug fixes, and "bonus Creation Club content". It'll arrive in 2023, but there's no word on whether there'll be an upgrade path for existing owners.

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This sounds a lot like what Bethesda did with the PS5 version of Skyrim, which released last year. That one was a free upgrade if you already owned Skyrim on PS4, but you could pay a bit extra ($19.99 / £15.99) to unlock all of the game's Creation Club content. We assume it'll be a similar scenario with Fallout 4.

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