The Medium

TV and movie adaptations of video games are so hot at the moment that Bloober Team has even managed to convince someone to turn The Medium into a television series. Production will be led by Tomasz Bagiński, the executive producer of Netflix's adaptation of The Witcher, and Piotr Babieno, with Platige Image helping the developer make the project a reality. The TV show will chronicle the same events as the game.

On Bloober Team's official website, Bagiński explained: "Connecting the world of movies and games is a huge, but also fascinating challenge. I am glad that I have the pleasure of working on a project like The Medium with such a fantastically talented team." Platige Image adds it's looking to attract viewers from all over the world, suggesting the TV series won't be limited to Polish-speaking territories.

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The developer's president sees the success of other TV shows like Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, and so wants to get in on the act with another quality product. "The whole team working on the concept of the series felt they were working on something special, we hope that this enthusiasm will be visible in the quality of the series," said Piotr Babieno.