Mortal Kombat 11 PS5 PlayStation 5 1
Image: Push Square

Mortal Kombattt! The series celebrates its 30th anniversary today – but creator Ed Boon has confirmed we haven’t seen the last of the iconic fighting franchise. Speaking in a wide-ranging interview with the PS Blog, the industry icon admitted there’s more to come from the series, as it hasn’t “made the last one yet”. However, he clarified: “I guess that’s probably the closest I can say without revealing too much.”

While there have been a number of rumours regarding developer NetherRealm Studios’ next project, speculation seems to have settled on another Mortal Kombat being in development. And while Boon wouldn’t be drawn on specifics, when asked about the future of the franchise, he said: “Mortal Kombat will continue to feel fresh, to feel new, and to push boundaries with regards to certain aspects of game design.”

It’s certainly a promising period for fighting games, with the new Street Fighter and Tekken titles both looking absolutely superb. Boon has said in the past that its next game announcement will come after these 30th anniversary celebrations are over, so hopefully Mortal Kombat can round out the holy trifecta, and set up a truly spectacular generation for one-on-one brawlers.