Dragon Ball: The Breakers remains a truly bizarre entry in an admittedly already-odd franchise, and it's available now on PS4. Instead of the usual fighting fare found in previous games like Dragon Ball FighterZ, Breakers is actually an asymmetric multiplayer game in which you play as regular folk, just trying to get by and avoiding whatever world-ending monstrosity happens to be rampaging about on any given day. You know, like that one farmer from literally the first episode of Dragon Ball Z.

It's a pretty fascinating concept, and the idea of trying to slink by Cell and avoiding the business end of his nightmarish tail sounds cool. While it doesn't look like it will take things to their logical conclusion, how great would an actual survival horror game set in the Dragon Ball universe be?

What do you make of Dragon Ball: The Breakers? Are you a fan of the series and willing to give this outlandish title a shot? Start powering up in the comments section below.

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