Dragon Ball: The Breakers breaks into unfamiliar territory for the franchise — a realm that'll be more than recognisable to avid Dead by Daylight players. This 1v7 multiplayer game is more than just a reskin of its inspirations, however. While it falters in several game mechanics, it uses the beloved manga and anime property to spice up the formula.

The game’s two modes, Survivors and Raider, have unique elements that make them stand out. Each match features seven civilians trying to survive the onslaught of famous Dragon Ball villains. Teamwork is key to achieve survival, and as a result, the former shines in offline co-op. On the other hand, Raider allows you to cause total map destruction or cherry pick survivors in delightfully cruel fashion. As such, it shines both online and offline.

However, the barebones tutorial gives little to no context to its various features, including Raider mode. For instance, the gimmick of collecting all seven dragon balls, which allows you to summon Shenron and make a wish, is barely explained. And for the Raider, you can actually wish to become invulnerable.

While the near invincibility might make the modes seem unbalanced, it's actually a clever way to force survivors to tackle the enemy together, discouraging efforts of charging in solo. Unfortunately, the janky controls and unruly camera prevent the experience from reaching its potential.

Dragon Chase, for example, is a mode where you temporarily activate select Z-Fighters’ powers. When in use, you might be wondering if the enemy summoned Shenron and wished for a broken camera. In fact, the camera issue is highlighted in anything combat related, including Raider mode. Thankfully, and ironically, there are very few battle sequences in this title.

At a glance, currencies such as TP, Spirit Syphons, Zeni, and the unreasonably expensive premium cosmetics, may emphasize predatory microtransaction tactics. However, daily and weekly challenges encourage playing rather than paying to win. That said, the grind can become unnecessarily long, even if you're just looking to buy some new clothes for your character.