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The Callisto Protocol is set to launch on 2nd December, with the upcoming survival horror game shaping up to be an excellent outing, if our time going hands-on with the title is anything to go by (it is). But director Glen Schofield is already looking towards the future and what comes next.

In an interview with Inverse, Schofield admits, "I want to make a sequel. This is a complete game, but there are a lot of ideas, cool ideas, we want to do next. I always want to keep making the next big thing. Even after I finish a game, I’m already thinking what’s next."

Schofield commented on the almost Armageddon/Deep Impact-like situation that we, as gamers, currently find ourselves embroiled in. The Dead Space remake is slated for release the month after Callisto Protocol, on 27th January. Schofield is credited as one of the creators of the original Dead Space, which launched in 2008, complicating matters further.

Schofield had the following to say about the Dead Space remake, stating, "I wish them the absolute best, but I don’t really know anything about it. I don’t really want to know anything about it. They have extremely talented people over there, but… Honestly, if it were me, I wouldn’t remake it. I am glad for them, but I wouldn’t. I want to move on and make something new. Dead Space is in my past.”

The Callisto Protocol has gone gold, with its launch date locked in, and has been confirmed to run at 60fps in performance mode. Are you excited about the launch of The Callisto Protocol, which, if successful, could be the start of a burgeoning new IP? Stalk the shattered halls of the comments section below.