The Callisto Protocol PS5 PS4

Frame rates are all anyone wants to talk about at the moment, so you'll likely be pleased to learn The Callisto Protocol won't be joining A Plague Tale: Requiem and Gotham Knights in being locked to 30 frames-per-second. The upcoming survival horror game will ship with a performance mode running at 60fps, Striking Distance Studios has confirmed.

Detailed in a tweet, the developer has also responded to a rumour circulated earlier today of a possible delay to early 2023. However, that's not happening: "We would love to inform you all that we will be shipping globally on December 2nd," the team confirms.

Given the wording used by Striking Distance Studios, it's probably safe to assume there'll also be a quality mode in The Callisto Protocol that spruces up the visuals at a 30fps frame rate. However, given the reaction to that particular frame rate over the past few days, it sounds like fans would rather flush it out of the airlock into space and opt for the 60fps option instead.

The PS5 version, of course, will allow you to opt for either better visuals or an improved frame rate. Whether the PS4 version will, though, is up for debate.

A lot of native PS5 titles have offered users the choice of prioritizing either the graphics or frame rate since the system's launch, so much so that it sort of feels like a standard at this point. However, Gotham Knights and A Plague Tale: Requiem prove there will be games that buck the trend. Where do you fall on this debate? Share your thoughts in the comments below.