Gotham Knights PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Many have criticised the extended period of cross-gen releases we’ve seen on PS5, but slowly we’re beginning to see more new-gen exclusive titles. Gotham Knights is one such game: originally scheduled to release on PS4 as well, developer Warner Bros Montreal ultimately scrapped the last-gen version in order to realise its vision. Unfortunately, that vision is restricted to 30 frames-per-second on Sony’s latest console.

After heavy speculation on the subject, executive producer Fleur Marty confirmed on Discord that there’ll be no performance option in the upcoming game. “Due to the types of features we have in our game, like providing a fully untethered co-op experience in our highly detailed open world, it’s not as straightforward as lowering the resolution and getting a higher frames-per-second,” she wrote. “For this reason, our game does not have a performance/quality toggle option and will run at 30fps on consoles.”

Obviously, we’re not developers so can’t fully appreciate the challenges involved here, but what we do know is that 60fps has become an expected standard on PS5 this generation, and it’s actually now rare for it not to be an option. Hopefully it’s something that the developer can look at post-release. Of course, in the here and now, we just hope it’s been able to deliver a smooth and steady 30fps, as combat-heavy titles like this really benefit from a responsive framerate.