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Image: Push Square

Sony Santa Monica brought in the cavalry to help complete God of War Ragnarok, which has now officially gone gold on PS5 and PS4. While outsourcing is relatively commonplace among tentpole AAA titles, a graphic showing all the teams that contributed to the project is the first time we’ve seen Bluepoint Games associated with the project.

The Austin-based studio, officially acquired by PlayStation late last year, is perhaps best known for its remake work on titles like Demon’s Souls and Shadow of the Colossus. But it actually has a pretty long-standing association with the God of War series, having ported the original PS2 games to the PS3 as the God of War Collection back in the day.

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Other teams who contributed to the project include fellow PS Studios support team Valkyrie Entertainment, which Sony also purchased late last year, as well as long-standing partner Jetpack Interactive, who’s believed to be assisting on one of Sony’s AAA live service games next. Red Hot, Super Alloy, Supergenius, and Original Force round out the enormous list of contractors.

While you may be surprised to see so many teams attached to one game, this is normal now. It takes thousands of employees to bring one major title to life these days, and many millions of dollars. A lot of these support studios will have helped create art assets, animations, and other details, with Sony Santa Monica of course leading the production.

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