God of War Ragnarok Gold

Great news, PlayStation fans: God of War Ragnarok has gone gold, meaning that the game has finished development and is ready to be shipped. We had been anticipating this announcement for a while now, and it's arrived at a good time, with the game set to release in just over a month, on the 9th November.

It's weirdly hard to believe now, but just a few shorts months ago, we were all questioning whether Ragnarok was actually going to launch in 2022. You may remember that we had saw next to nothing of the PS5 and PS4 title, and developer Santa Monica Studio was keeping super quiet. But here we are, with the highly anticipated adventure just 33 days away (at the time of writing).

How hyped are you for God of War Ragnarok? Give us your best menacing Kratos grin in the comments section below.

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