PlatinumGames Babylon's Fall

Babylon's Fall is set to shut down completely in February, after less than one year of support. The ill-fated online action RPG is easily one of the most notable flops in recent memory — especially since it was crafted by talented Japanese developer PlatinumGames.

Because of contractual restrictions, the studio has been quiet on the situation since the shutdown date was announced, but in a new interview with VGC, company CEO Atsushi Inaba says that the developer is "extremely sorry" about the whole thing.

"Any disappointment that we might have caused for our fan base is something we feel extremely sorry about, the fact that we led our dedicated fans to feel that way as a developer. Providing any sentiment other than enjoyment and fun in our creations to players is something that we’re not very happy about at all as a developer," Inaba continues.

However, the, er, fall of Babylon's Fall has not dissuaded PlatinumGames from pursuing live service projects. Inaba explains: "There’s a lot that we learned from this experience, and it’s not changed our future plans or outlook moving forward regarding doing live service games at all. Live service games are definitely something we do want to do and put our effort in moving forward,"

As we all know, live service titles can be a very slippery slope. It's a crowded market, and only a select few games truly stand out from the competition. That said, the term 'live service' is a lot broader than many people think. Games like Assassin's Creed Valhalla have proven that a single-player experience can have live service elements and make an impressive amount of profit through them. Just because Platinum wants to explore live service stuff doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to immediately pump out another Babylon's Fall.

In any case, you would hope that the developer has taken some harsh lessons on board after all this. Hopefully its future projects won't make the same mistakes.