CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red will establish a new studio based in North America, Boston specifically, in order to develop the sequel to Cyberpunk 2077 sequel, which is currently known by the code name Project Orion. This studio will be helmed by core members of Cyberpunk's development team, including quest director Paweł Sasko, who announced the move on Twitter.

It wouldn't be a true Cyberpunk sequel if it weren't announced many years in advance, giving hype enough time to build and allowing history a chance to repeat itself. CD Projekt Red also announced two new Witcher games are coming and that a new IP is also currently in development. Sounds like they are going to need the additional studio space!

What do you think of this onslaught of announcements and of CD Projekts American ambitions? Try not to get ahead of yourself in the comments section below

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