Bloodborne Mobile Rating

Well here's something that we didn't expect to see today: something called Bloodborne Mobile has been rated by the Australian Classification board. Immediately, people are questioning whether Sony is taking us all for a ride — but we would strongly recommend against jumping the gun for now.

The rating is indeed for a video game, but it's been submitted by a company named 'Rock Great Games' — a name that yields precisely zero results when slapped into a search engine. As such, we have no idea what this thing is. Either Sony has put together some kind of brand new studio for this project, or it's simply someone taking the piss.

At this stage, the latter seems far more likely, and it might only be a matter of time until Sony itself investigates — especially if this ends up being an actual mobile game taking advantage of the Bloodborne name.

We suppose that it is a pretty good gag, though, because this rating's already making headlines. At the very least, it should remind Sony that Bloodborne exists. Well, you would hope so, at least.

Bloodborne Mobile...can you even imagine? Remember to gain some all-important insight in the comments section below.

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