A Plague Tale: Requiem is set to drown us all in rats when it launches on PS5 on 18th October, an adventure which is reportedly quite meaty. The sequel makes some changes to the formula laid out by A Plague Tale: Innocence, chief amongst them is perhaps protagonist Amicia's propensity for violence.

In a new trailer, we get to see her wield a weapon far more deadly than the sling she bore for much of the first game, a wicked-looking crossbow. The stakes seem much higher this time around, and Amicia shows zero qualms with utilising the weapon to brutal effect. In the tradition of all good action games, though, it has more utility than just that and can be used to attach ropes to far-off objects or simply set stuff on fire.

Are you as excited for A Plague Tale: Requiem as we are? It's been a little while since we got such a gorgeous outing on PS5 alone, and we can't wait to dive in. Wind up, take aim, and release your hottest takes in the comments section below.

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