2K Hack

In late September, we brought you word that publisher 2K was the latest victim of The Great Hackening, a silly term that we made up to encapsulate the series of high-profile breaches and leaks that took place last month, perhaps best encapsulated by that massive GTA 6 debacle.

The next unfortunate phase of that story has begun, as 2K has been contacting the affected customers to let them know that not only has their personal information (including email address, gamertag, and console details) been accessed, it is now currently up for sale online. It appears that the majority of people who were impacted had reached out to 2K via the online customer support portal for help, which is mildly ironic.

2K states that "There is no indication that any of your financial information or password(s) held on our systems were compromised." Either way, it's not a great look, and if you were affected and haven't already, change those passwords and enable multi-factor authentication. The company's support portal, which was taken offline as a precaution, is now back up and running and safe to interact with, according to the company.

Were you impacted by the 2K data breach? Have you been contacted by the company? Encrypt your hottest takes in the comments section below, where we promise they will remain safe forever.

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