Forspoken got a new trailer at Tokyo Game Show today, giving us another look at the latest from Luminous Productions. Its entirely in Japanese, but considering the English script got memed on so thoroughly, maybe that's a good thing?

We see New Yorker Frey Holland and her magical, sentient bracelet sailing across the landscape of Athia, engaging in palace intrigue and conjuring all kinds of crazy spells. Forspoken is shaking up to be a solid action game, and its 24th January release date will be upon us before we know it.

In other Forspoken news, we learned how long the average playthrough would take, early previews have been mostly positive, and we got an extended look at gameplay in this 10-minute overview trailer.

How are you feeling about Forspoken? Are you looking forward to palling around with Cuff? Stay with us for a spell in the comments section below.