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The Callisto Protocol is one of the few tentpole titles we still have left to look forward to in 2022, as it seems every week we bring you news of titles being delayed into that black hole of time and money we lovingly refer to as 2023. This gory survival-horror title is slated to rip your face off on 2nd December, however, and this week, we bring you news of an exciting tease.

Twitter legend Shinobi602, instantly recognisable with his iconic Newman avatar, was intrigued enough by a recent promo to text a number that briefly appeared onscreen. In a fascinating twist, he got a response a few days later:

The acronym "ARCAS" is featured heavily, along with the words "secrets, answers, lies"... in addition to a date, 29th September. Mysterious! We will be watching this situation closely and will update you all as soon as we learn more later in the week.

What do you think the meaning of this tease is? What are you hoping is revealed? While away the hours in the comments section below.

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