Tekken 8 Engine

An interesting detail from a new IGN interview with Tekken boss Katsuhiro Harada: Tekken 8 apparently doesn't use any assets from Tekken 7. This means that character models and environmental details, all of the visual stuff, has been built from the ground up using Unreal Engine 5.

This confirmation doesn't come as a huge surprise seeing as Tekken 7 is around seven years old (its full arcade release happened in 2015), but it's nice to know that Bandai Namco is going the extra mile for its popular fighting game series. Previous Tekken titles have been known to pull assets from their predecessors, but again, that won't be the case with this new instalment.

Indeed, Tekken 8 is a bit of a stunner going by its reveal trailer, which was made up of in-game footage taken directly from the title running on PS5. There was a time, generations ago, when fighting games were true graphical powerhouses β€” think Tekken 3 back on the PS1 β€” and they could be reclaiming their throne over the next few years. Street Fighter 6 looks pretty damn good, too.

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