The Sly Cooper series is celebrating its 20th anniversary today, and although it's been quite some time since the last instalment, it's hard not to feel happy for everyone's favourite thieving raccoon. Developer Sucker Punch has paid tribute to its creation through an extensive post on the PlayStation Blog, which features studio insights and some celebratory merchandise.

Most of the merch can be snapped up at the official PlayStation Gear Store, which ships to a bunch of different regions worldwide. There's a swanky t-shirt up for grabs, as well as an engrossingly detailed 20th anniversary poster. Here's a high resolution preview:

Sly Cooper Poster

And then there's the strikingly cute Sly plushie. It's "coming soon" from Fangamer, but it doesn't have a price tag yet.

Sly Cooper Plush

"Thank you for 20 years of support for Sly Cooper! In just a few weeks, Sucker Punch will celebrate our 25th anniversary overall, and while we’ve moved on to new worlds since then, our work on Sly is an incredible part of that legacy that we’ll always be proud of," writes Sucker Punch.

At this point, it's worth noting that the studio recently confirmed that it has no plans to revisit Sly Cooper (or inFAMOUS). Things can change, of course, but at least the developer still has fond memories of its previous properties.

In the meantime, remember that two Sly Cooper titles were just added to PS Plus Premium. You can stream those PS3 games as long as you're a subscriber to Sony's most expensive plan.

Are you a big Sly Cooper fan? Use that crooked cane to good effect in the comments section below.

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