A new trailer for Sonic Frontiers has been released by SEGA, giving us an overview of the game. Sonic Frontiers is coming to PS5 and PS4 on 8th November, 2022.

On a routine Chaos Emerald-gathering venture with Tails and Amy, Sonic and his friends are sucked into a dimensional portal and find themselves in a strange digital world called Cyber Space. Sonic must first find his lost companions, and then find a way home.

We got a look at several minutes of gameplay set in what is allegedly not an open world, but instead an "open zone" one, which we still aren't convinced is meaningfully different. There will be puzzles to solve, enemies to overcome and mysteries to solve, in Sonic's biggest, most ambitious adventure yet.

We get to see Sonic's new Cyloop ability, which does look quite cool. You run rings around enemies and objects, literally, in order to damage them, taking advantage of Sonic's most powerful asset (his speed).

We went hands-on with Sonic Frontiers at Gamescom 2022, so check out our preview for our in-depth thoughts on the game.

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