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Image: Warner Bros. Animation

Multiversus is shaping up to be the gift that keeps on giving, especially for us angsty '90s kids, with the recent release of Gremlin's Gizmo, and the rumours of Beetlejuice entering the fray. The latest nostalgia hit allegedly coming to the excellent free-to-play title is none other than the Clown Prince of Crime himself, voiced by the inimitable Mark Hamill, no less.

That's according to Twitter user LaisulMV, who reportedly recovered an Announcer Pack with numerous lines delivered by the Joker in the style of the Emmy Award-winning Batman: The Animated Series. Hamill famously voiced the Joker throughout that show's run and has reprised the role in other mediums, including the Arkham trilogy of games, beginning with Arkham Asylum.

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While not officially confirmed, Joker will likely join the fight as a playable character. It would make sense, considering Batman and Harley Quinn are already in the game, and the villain was listed as a playable character in a leak that has been spot on so far, with numerous characters being confirmed and in some cases already released.

Would you be excited to play as the Joker, and one voiced by the peerless Mark Hamill himself? Laugh until you cry in the comments section below.

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