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More than 40 minutes of gameplay from the Diablo 4 beta has apparently leaked, on the same day that 90-odd videos that purport to be early work-in-progress clips of Grand Theft Auto VI surfaced online, which has to be some kind of record.

We won't be hosting the content directly, but the leak looks to have originated over on Reddit and shows what appears to be gameplay from what is apparently a Friends and Family internal build. Considering the footage is covered with watermarks, we have to imagine it won't remain up for long, and that Blizzard likely knows who the culprit is. For what it's worth, it looks pretty solid at this early stage, and like a worthy successor to the excellent Diablo 3.

What's going on today? Is it some special phase of the moon? What will leak next? Gather around and speak in hushed whispers in the comments section below.

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