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Aiming to eke every last drop of lore from Warner Bros Montreal’s upcoming superhero outing, Gotham Knights? You’ll need to strap yourself in for several playthroughs if that’s your aim! Effectively, because there are four characters to take control of, each run will provide you with a slightly different take on events. To be clear, the overarching story will remain the same, it’s just your perspective of it will change.

“You will not see all of it in a single playthrough,” game director Geoff Ellenor told PLAY magazine. “[That’s] just because there’s so much content that is unique to the hero’s perception of what’s going on and what’s happened.”

Cinematics director Wilson Mui added: “From the cinematic standpoint, it’s very, very, very challenging. Structurally, we’re gonna have a very similar scene that overall falls in the flow for each character, but each character has their own version of that. So, because they move differently, speak differently, they have different histories with all the different characters, it allows us to make a scene that would be their version of that. Some of them are very similar in how they do it, but they’re gonna have little subtle differences.”

Diehard fans will probably want to experience all the possible permutations, then, which will likely add extensively to the replay value. Let’s hope the core campaign is compelling enough to encourage all of those playthroughs, eh?

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