It Takes Two studio Hazelight has posted a behind-the-scenes image to Twitter that's described as a "sneak peek of the next game" from the team. Featuring lead developer Josef Fares, he's joined by two women in motion capture gear. This could suggest the Swedish studio's next title features two female protagonists.

Fares' games have always been based around two playable characters who share some sort of family bond or a close friendship. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was fairly self-explanatory with two siblings you controlled using both thumbsticks on the controller. A Way Out, meanwhile, was about two inmates looking to escape prison together. Fares' latest — and best — experience was about a couple trying to both return to normal size and rescue their marriage.

If we're to read into the people captured in the tweet, then Hazelight's next game could include two female playable characters. Possibilities include friends, siblings, or lovers. In a Push Square interview published last year, Josef Fares told us his next title will be even better than It Takes Two. "It's gonna be so crazy. That's how sure I am, like the concept, what's gonna happen, and people will be blown away."

Are you looking forward to what Hazelight is cooking up next off the back of It Takes Two and A Way Out? Let us know in the comments below.