The Chant is a spooky horror game that takes place on a secluded island where, after a spiritual ceremony goes wrong, murder and madness ensue. In a new trailer, audio director Paul Ruskay describes the subtle art of terrifying players with the power of sound, and we are also treated to some snippets of gameplay.

Ruskay describes some of the influences that developer Brass Token used to capture the game's surprisingly colourful palette, listing 70s and 80s horror titles like Suspiria, Phantasm and the Wicker Man. Perhaps unsurprisingly John Carpenter is also cited, because if you are going to take your queues from anyone, it may as well be the master.

Anyone interested in audio design, or just in horror games in general, should check this behind-the-scenes trailer out. The Chant is due out on PS5 on 3rd November. For a more in-depth look at the game itself, take a look at this trailer released during Gamescom.

What do you think of The Chant? What's the scariest-sounding game you've ever played? Listen closely in the comments section below.