Publisher Prime Matter is gearing up to release its next title, the creepy-looking horror action game, The Chant. Taking place on a secluded island retreat, a spiritual ceremony goes wrong, things start to go awry as evil spirits and monsters will hunt you down. We get some snippets of new gameplay in the above new trailer.

Developer Brass Token touches on the overall structure of the game; you'll need to search for resources and craft items to help you survive, and there will be some semblance of combat, allowing you to fight back. However, you can always simply run away if you're not up to it. There's also talk of mind, body, and spirit being three stats that'll affect how you play, and will factor into which ending you get, too.

It's all looking and sounding pretty interesting from where we're sitting. The Chant releases on 3rd November 2022 for PS5. Are you excited for this one? Start a chant in the comments section below.