We know that Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann is working on a new PS5 project, and some fans think they’ve found concept art in The Last of Us’ remake. Screenshots shared on social media show a selection of fantasy-style images attached to a pinboard, including a unicorn and a lady with her mid-riff exposed. Interestingly, the latter artwork was also spotted in The Last of Us 2 as well.

Of course, this could be a simple case of the Californian developer reusing assets and populating its game with as much detail as possible. But it does have form for this kind of thing: a newspaper clipping in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception hinted at The Last of Us and went undiscovered for quite some time.

Speaking at Summer Game Fest, Druckmann said that it’s too early to talk about upcoming projects. “Unless Sony wants to leak it, then we can talk about it right now,” he joked, in reference to details about the developer’s remake accidentally being uploaded earlier that day.

Does this artwork excite you at all? Do you think it’s related to an in-development project, or are fans simply jumping to conclusions? Ride a unicorn into the comments section below.

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