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Neil Druckmann gave an update on Naughty Dog during Summer Game Fest, which included the announcement of The Last of Us: Part I, a new image from HBO’s The Last of Us adaptation, and a brief tease of the developer’s The Last of Us multiplayer game. He also said that the studio has grown, and that it’s working on more projects than ever before.

Host and presenter Geoff Keighley then asked if Druckmann is still making games, and he confirmed that he is. Visibly awkward, and unable to give much away, the Naughty Dog co-president confirmed that he’s working on a new project, but that it’s too early to share more. He joked: “Unless Sony wants to leak it, then we can talk about it right now!”

The nature of the game, whether it’s a new IP or not, is obviously unknown. But it sounds like there’s a lot going on at Naughty Dog right now...